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Re: [IP] Re: kids and diabetes feelings

I asked him if he felt sad because he had diabetes and he looked at
>me like I was a Martian and said, "No, why should I?"

  I think this is awesome. Having gone through one of those "why me why me" 
phases, albeit a short one, took alot out of myself and especially my family 
and friends, and set me back a little in terms of knowing the right ways to 
take care of myself. Granted this is pretty much behind me now, but I'm so 
glad that alot of kids never go through this.  It's awful to watch someone, 
any age, feel alienated and different, and sometimes no matter how much you 
try to help, even if you've "been there done that," they have to in some way 
work it out with themselves (that's what I did in large part, despite my 
mother's desperate attempts at helping) and that takes energy.  I'd much 
rather see kids spending that neverending energy on more important things 
like blowing bubbles and jumping in puddles and all that great stuff :) :)  
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