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RE: [IP] Question for Pumpers who use Silhouettes

>   Does it
> > hurt to put the
> > Sils in?  Is it more complicated?  I really want to try it,
> > I'm just afraid
> > of it hurting...

  hi Kelly, I still use both kinds of sets, and like them both.  I usually 
use the sof sets when I'm in more of a hurry or depending on where the site 
is, but always use sils in my stomach because sof sets go too deep and the 
micros don't go deep enough :) I know, picky picky. hehe.  Anyway, I don't 
think the sils hurt at all unless it's a bad site, in which case the sof set 
would hurt as well.  When I put one in, if it hurts, then it's a bad site. 
Other than that, it is just like giving an injection. I have never had the 
cannula get kinked either.  One suggestion, you might want to cut a hole in 
a piece of tape and put it over the set, because when I first started using 
them, I didn't use any tape other than what was on it, and the catheter 
would move around and itch sometimes. Once I put tape over it, this didn't 
happen anymore.  I would definately recommend them - they are smaller to 
carry and I like the site disconnect.  Good luck! --Gianna
p.s. don't forget to prime a full unit when using them - I only prime half a 
unit with sof sets.
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