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[IP] Potential new pumper

Hello, all,

I just joined the list very recently. I am in process of trying to get a pump 
for my son, Paul, 6, DX at 20 months.

I spoke with our endo this week and he is open to the idea. Our game plan is 
to meet with a psychologist and social worker from the practice within the 
next few weeks so they can assess whether we are ready. Then we will meet 
with the endo and the CDE in late April. After that, the team will put their 
heads together to determine whether we are good candidates.

I am interested in hearing from parents of other children who can share 
insights, helpful information. I'm particularly interested in how you 
prepared your child for all the pump involves -- good and bad points. We are 
now reading "Pumping Insulin" and learning a lot from this list and the book. 
We have told Paul all the pros and cons that we think are involved. The only 
con to him was a needle in the stomach. We explained that we could use EMLA 
and, at least for some setups, it would be a tube and not a needle.

You can respond directly to me instead of the list if you wish. Thanks in 
advance for any insights you can provide.

Janice, proud mom to Paul 
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