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Re: [IP] glucose tabs humorous story

I use the raspberry flavored DEX4 glucose tablets. I was running a spotlight 
one day for  a Disney on Ice production when it was here in town (I am a 
union stagehand) and we are up in the lights hanging above the arena, so when 
we go up at the beginning of the show, we do not come down till it is over. 
So I take my meter and  a full size (100 count) bottle of DEX4 up with me. 
When it came time for intermission Mike (the other spot light operator on my 
side) and I met in the middle of the truss (hanging 35 feet in the air by a 
couple of chain motors) to shoot the breeze during the 20 minute break, I 
checked my bg and it was not really low, but to error on the side of caution 
at 35 feet in the air I had a couple of tablets, Mike asked me what they were 
and I told him they were basically flavored sugar pills. He said he was 
hungry and wanted to know if he could have a couple. He said they were great, 
just like giant sweet-tarts. Well, needless to say, any time I work a spot 
call with Mike now, I bring a few extra tablets for him because he'll always 
ask if I have any extra of those giant sweet-tarts.
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