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[IP] a few questions

My site was itching so bad today that I had to take it off before I ripped
my skin open in frustration!  I just put it in last night.  First
question...can I take the insulin that's left in the reservoir and put it
back in my bottle?  The insurance people are so stingy with only ordering
every 3 months that I'm afraid if I start just throwing out sets  with 2
days worth I will run out.  Hope that made sense.  Also, I can't figure out
if it was the actual set (cannula) that was itching, or if the tape was the
culprit.  I have used this tape before, but it seemed to be the whole area
was irritated and not just one tiny spot.  And I wasn't going high, so my
cannula was straight and not infected.  Last set I had in the part where I
loop a bit of the tube between the cannula and the quick release and tape it
down...I use a second piece of tape, not the kind that comes with the sof
set but different kind...I could see a red almost bleeding part where the
tube had been taped down.  It itched like crazy.  I'm inclined to think for
that reason that  maybe I'm sensitive to that kind of tape, but then again I
have used it before with no problem.  Any ideas???

One more thing...I have 2 bottles of insulin that have some left in them,
but not enough to fill a reservoir for 3 days.  I don't want to put a set in
for one days amount of insulin but I don't want to throw it away.  Is it ok
to mix what's left of the two bottles into one bottle?  It's all humalog,
but different dates.


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