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Re: [IP] glucose tabs/gel FYI

>It just occurred to me as I read this that some (or many?) of the posts
>referencing glucuse tabs might be talking about this kind.  14 years ago
>when I was dx'ed, I was given some of the square, 3-to-a-pack kind 

Yes! Shane HATES them with a passion. I think they were supposed to be
"lemon flavored"? I actually found some in his car that were over 10
years old because he refused to ever use them! Didn't know they changed
the flavor though. Maybe I can talk him into trying them again.

> Those who have said that they hate the taste of glucose tabs (Shane, >maybe?), have you tried the different kinds?  

Right now he has round ones. They come in a tube of 10. Orange flavor.
"Walgreens" brand, which based on Michael's post probably means they are
really "Dex" brand. Shane says they are better but he still does not
like to take them except as a last resort. If he thinks he can get to a
pop machine or McD's he will do that instead. I would just like to have
something in his car that he would be willing to take (but not snack on
otherwise) because I worry he will "think" he can make it somewhere for
pop and he won't make it. (His thinking isn't always the clearest when
low...). There have been many fights about driving when low (he and I do
not agree on what number is "low"). I have finally gotten him to agree
that he is not to drive anywhere to get pop for a low. Only walking very
short distances allowed. Thankfully since the pump there have been MUCH
fewer lows and it is less of an issue.
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