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[IP] HbA1c & Ophthalmologist

I am so excited I am bouncing off of the walls. I saw my Ophthalmologist on
Wednesday and my Endo. yesterday. 
My HbA1c  was 5.8, down from 6.2 in October. I thought for sure it was going
to go up, not down. That is the lowest I have ever had and a real one this
time, not with extreme highs and lows. 
The small bleeder my Ophthalmologist has been tracking in my right eye has
gone down by 50%. Thank God. He has holding off on lasering it because of
where it was located....best case scenario I would have a permanent black
spot in my central field of vision, worst case scenario the optic nerve
would be hit and I would be blind in that eye. Big relief on my part. 
I will not hit my 6 month pump anniversary until 2/26. I really did not
think I would see results this quick. 

I had to tell someone who actually knew what the heck I was talking about. 

Thank you!

Nicole Koehmstedt
Inbound Operations
AT&T Wireless Services
*(916) 843 6970
*email @ redacted
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