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[IP] nightime lows, strange.

Hi everyone . . .just thought I would share something . . .I suppose I had a 
sort of realization last night.  I had pizza for dinner, and did a basal 
increase for 4 hours, well I started at 88, 2 hours after was 188, and 4 
hours after was back down to 92. YAY!!! that's the first time it worked!  
Well, I woke up at 3 in the morning after a horrible nightmare, was sweating 
and shivering and FREEZING.  so I tested, and was 54.  Yikes. guess my pizza 
experiment worked a little too well.
Anyway it was weird because I've never had a night time low before, and my 
symptoms were alot different than they would be during the day.
in fact, during the day I wouldn't have symptoms at 54!!  Which got me 
thinking . . .and realizing something . .about 3 years ago, I would go to my 
aunts trailer at a campground and eat more junk and empty calories and 
refined sugar than in the rest of the year combined (we never ate like that 
at home), and every single time I went I'd wake up in the middle of the 
night with horrible nightmares, shaking, shivering uncontrollably in the 
middle of summer, and would stay up with my grandmother for an hour until it 
went away.  It was the EXACT same symptoms and I'd never had them except 
those times and last night. I remember reading about reactive hypoglycemia 
and it being sometimes an indicator of diabetes.  Strange, to look back and 
"see" things differently.  anyway just figured I'd share :)
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