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Re: [IP] mm or dis/Joyce


I am a VERY happy Disetronic pumper, since Aug. 99.  (IDDM since 1985)  My
endo gave me info on both pumps & told me that either was good, it was my
choice.  I went with D partially because, when I pressed him for his
preference, he did say he was somewhat happier with the performance that he
had seen the D give his patients, & he liked the fact of having a backup
pump provided.  I have not had any technical difficulties occur over the
past 5 months, for which I am extremely grateful.  When I have had questions
or thought I might have done something in error, I got immediate assistance
from the telephone support personnel.

A few threads have run in the past with comparisons of the two, so you might
try looking in the archives at the website for them...since some postings
came from people who have used both brands & can offer comments based on
that experience, they might be more useful to you than info. from those of
us who have only used one kind.  Best of luck in making your choice &
getting started!!


PS Joyce - Your snow is right here in Ohio...can you please come & pick it
up?  I don't know if it was Fed-Ex or UPS who sent it our way, but I guess
you've got to REALLY watch those shipping people when it comes to major
deliveries!  (I'm certain we didn't order this, here in our neck of the

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