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[IP] re: Softset Micro QR

My son, Mark, is 4 and started pumping in December.  We have used the Tenders and the Micro Soft-sets (with the Soft-serter, of course).  We usually use the micros because it is easier on everyone when we do an insertion with the softserter (it's more like the old inject-ease we used with MDI).  The micros usually last 2 1/2  - 3 days before we see high numbers that could only be attributed to site degradation.

We have only used the butt area so far, and the sites seem to heal pretty fast.  We put neosporin on the old sites every night.  I know we are going to have to use the tummy eventually, but we have another issue there with this huge horizontal scar Mark has on his tummy from when his pancreas was removed.  We did injections in the tummy with no problem, so I guess it is just a matter of working up the courage, finding some good spots to shoot for and going for it.  I'd be interested in hearing about how other pumpers deal with finding sites in areas that have scarring also.

Beth Mullen
Mom to Mark, 4 year old, 
dx 12/95 after pancreatectomy, 
pumping since 12/22/99 (which happened to be our 4 year anniversary of discharge from hospital after pancreatectomy - weird!?!)

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