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[IP] glucose tabs/gel FYI

>>I just checked my B-D Glucose tabs and they are 5g per tab and they are
>>packaged 3 tabs to a strip.

It just occurred to me as I read this that some (or many?) of the posts
referencing glucuse tabs might be talking about this kind.  14 years ago
when I was dx'ed, I was given some of the square, 3-to-a-pack kind as part
of my "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Diabetes" package...I hated them,
passionately, & always opted for another choice when low.  I had forgotten
they even existed!  Since becoming a "Born Again Diabetic" several years
ago, I've used the round tablets that come in a big plastic jar - & they are
a whole different ball game!  I wouldn't say I love every flavor (for me,
the grape ones leave a lot to be desired!), but rasberry & orange...well,
the orange remind me a lot of really big baby aspirin.  Those who have said
that they hate the taste of glucose tabs (Shane, maybe?), have you tried the
different kinds?  They can sometimes be VERY different from one another, so
if you experiment with the various types, you may find something much more
to your liking!

Also, on the flavor option thing...when I got the glucose gel, I bought
cherry, because I normally like berry-type flavors & am not usually a fan of
lemon.  The cherry was "nasty-sweet", & when I tried the lemon, I found I
actually like it a lot - I guess the message is, don't judge the whole
category by just one taste!


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