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[IP] Thanks to the IP Connection

Greetings all:
   Just wanted to post a "thank you" from a non-IP(Insulin Pumpers) friend to 
whom I often forward pertinent posts.....She'd called me early yesterday , 
unsure of how to proceed...
    Her almost 13 yr old pumper daughter awoke at 3 a.m. yesterday & 
proceeded to vomit about 10 times over the next 6 hours...fever of 100.5;bgs 
were around 190; couldn't check for ketones since the child couldn't even 
lift her head to get out of bed & didn't have to pee anyway....Since the bgs 
were NOT high, the mom wouldn't have thought about DKA & hospitals, EXCEPT 
that she'd read the post I'd forwarded recently about several IP-ers warning 
that vomiting & ketones could rapidly induce DKA, even in the absence of high 
   Since she didn't know about the ketones, she decided to err on the side of 
caution (with a helpful "nudge" from me! LOL). The ER staff gave her daughter 
IV fluids and compazine, checked & found small ketones (even though her bg 
never went higher than 250)...and they all were very impressed with the mom 
for being so pro-active in forestalling a "crisis". They said most people 
think you wait several days into an illness, or until the bgs are very high, 
before even considering going to the ER; but that, in actuality, the vomiting 
& subsequent dehydration can quickly precipitate a serious problem.
   Anyway, her daughter's feeling much better today & the mom is very 
grateful to the IP-ers who gave us all this "heads up" notice!!

Regards, Renee ( pump-mom)
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