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[IP] Kid's and diabetes feelings

I was recently asking Kelly some questions about diabetes for a support group
project we're working on.  It was very interesting, and is strongly indicative of
how feelings about diabetes can be effected by the age of dx.  Kelly is 6, and was
dx at 3.  I don't think an older child would have similar answers.  Her answers
were as follows:

What is the best thing about having diabetes?  “I get to have snacks and treats
when other kids don’t.”  “I get to go to special parties and events with the JDF.”

What is the worst thing about having diabetes?  “Having to go to the doctor."

How does diabetes make you feel?  “Special and happy."

Doesn't it ever make you feel bad?  "Only when I have to miss school  to go to the

What do you want to tell a newly diagnosed child?  “It’s okay.  Don’t worry.  It
was a  little trouble for us too, when I first got diabetes.”

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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