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[IP] Switching to Pump

I could really use some advice!

We were originally planning on having Brian pumping in June, but we are
going on a vacation in mid-May that involves crossing a few time zones,
and going to theme parks, etc. (No, it's not the CWD Orlando trip - but
I wish we could be there too!)  I've been thinking it might be easier to
have Brian pumping before we go.  That means moving the pump date up a
bit (yikes!  I'm still a little nervous about how he is going to handle
it).  How much time should we allow ourselves to be comfortably pumping
before we go?   We have some experience with the pump since my husband
began pumping in November, but I know it varies and it's probably
different with children.

Also - I have heard all the praise from parents and pumpers, and have
seen first hand how the pump  increases control and flexibility - at the
same time I would like to be prepared for the challenges that face our
littlest pumpers.  I would love to hear from other parents re: some of
the hurdles that you had to overcome.  I guess I'm thinking about my
little 4 year old who loves to take 30 minute baths and then run around
naked for an hour (We will probably get a second Mini-Med for continuity
sake, and a possible discount, and I know it isn't waterproof....)  I'm
also watching him do flips on our bed at night and seeing how him
wrestle wildly with his older brother, and I'm wondering how much of
this may have to change.  After all, he is a very active four year old

Now that the date is getting closer, I am experiencing some anxiety
about the transition from MDI to pumping.....feel free to reply
privately, and thank you in advance!

Laurie, mom to Brian, age 4, dxd 12-98 & Keith, age 7

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