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[IP] Re: Dream Beam

>From the Futrex literature:
ďThe Dream Beam Analyzer, which is the size of a small hand-held
 radio (approx. 5.5 in. by 3 in. by 1.5 in.), operates by 
transmitting a beam of very-near infrared light (light at 
slightly longer wave lengths than visible light) through the 
userís left index finger near the cuticle.  After the light is 
transmitted through the finger, it is measured by the Dream Beam 
analyzerís near-infrared sensor.  Using a built-in central 
processing unit running proprietary firmware, the Dream Beam 
analyzer displayís the userís blood glucose level in less than a 
minute.  The Dream Beam analyzer is designed to be operated 
either by using a battery or by plugging into a conventional 
electrical outlet.Ē

>From Danny:
The Dream Beam I have does NOT display my BG reading.  Futrex 
supplied me with the Dream Beam, two One Touch Profiles, and all 
the strips I need to complete the trial.  Whenever I test, I 
first take two measurements with the Dream Beam.  Each one takes 
about 20 seconds.  It does not display the results.  It has a 
clock/calendar, it is programmable, it has memory.  I then use 
the Profiles to take normal BG measurements and log those 
Because the Dream Beam in my posession does not display results, 
I canít say I have seen it work.  I have spoken with non-Futrex 
people with diabetes who have seen it work. I have spoken with 
non-Futrex people who have seen the data of previous FDA 
submittals who say it unquestionably works.   I believe that it 
probably works well enough that I should be able to buy one and 
decide for myself how to use the result it displays.  I (we) do 
that now with whatever finger-stick meter I (we) happen to be 
Gotta get back to workÖ.
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