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Re: [IP] what to do

My son was diagnosed almost one year ago. This past summer he tried to use 
the 3 needles available with the pump and because of weight (like none) they 
hit muscle everytime. He went from 105lbs (after 15lb weight loss) to 125. In 
our family we tend not to gain weight until we hit our 30's and he is not 
quite 21. Today he went to the specialist and he is down to 114. He eats but 
just not enough , no matter what I say. Today the doctor is calling another 
pump protocal specialist (thats what he wrote down) to call Josh and talk him 
into doing the pump. I tried to explain that #1 we dont gain weight as a rule 
and #2 if he doesnt want to do it what is the purpose. I truly think he can 
gain the weight and maintain it  but he is just not a big eater. He is still 
in the honeymoon phase and hardly uses over 20 units of insulin total a day 
(total of humulin and humulog).

I of course want to see him at least try it, its doing nothing but sitting in 
my closet anyway, but I understand how he feels.  Sorry to vent I guess I 
just needed to get this off my chest. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll 
have some good news.

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