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RE: [IP] glucose tabs FYI

At 08:39 AM 2/4/2000  Sherry Webb Nolan wrote:
 >>I just checked my B-D Glucose tabs and they are 5g per tab and they are
 >>packaged 3 tabs to a strip.
 >Yeah, I guess I should have said glucose thingy's in the subject line. :)  I
 >was referring to the fact that there are tabs that come in jars of 200
 >loose, rolls of 10, the B-D tabs which come in strips, etc.  They aren't all
 >the same.  My biggest problem was with the ones that came loose in a jar.

I've tried a lot of them and always seem to come back to the good old 
reliable B-D tabs. I have a local pharmacy where I can get them for 99 
cents per box (2 strips/box) and I buy them 10 boxes at a time so that I 
have lots hanging around the house and car... I also carry them in my coat 
pocket during the cooler months, so that they are always with me when I'm 
out of the house.  Check the date on the boxes, though and rotate your 
supply. They do expire and get stale... they taste pretty bad when too 
old... but, I have no idea if the glucose loses effectiveness when their old.


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