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Re: [IP] Suspending the pump when low

At 08:26 AM 2/4/2000  Bonnie Richardson wrote:
 >When my bg is less than 65 I always suspend the pump, and depending on what
 >I am doing, will have a glu tab or peppermint penny candy or not!.

I've rarely suspended my pump when low... maybe my rationale is off, but 
this is why:

If I'm low, it's because of insulin that I took 1-3 hours ago... for me, 
the insulin being pumped now won't show up for another 1-3 hours. If I have 
less insulin flowing then, I'll get a larger re-bound after the BG's start 
rising afterwards.

Humalog does not react very quickly in my situation... it peaks at about 3 
hours for me. So, I figure that I need to make changes based on what will 
be happening then, not now. Since everyone is different, you would need to 
be very careful here... I know some people's bodies start using H in as 
little as 15 minutes... obviously in that situation, suspending the pump 
would make more sense.


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