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[IP] Pumpers who use Silhouettes

>>Does it hurt to put the
> Sils in?  Is it more complicated


when geneva decided to finally try the sils  (I told her I would do it
first! )....we used ice to numb.  I know that alot of folks don't bother
with numbing agents, but she and I both were terrified.
the ice really helped.  I did not feel any pain at all.  just pressure.
geneva is ten, and she would never use her syringe without an injectease.
now she inserts the sils and hates the sofserter!   she uses ice, or a can
of cold soda, or whatever in the fridge.  one time we had to do an emergency
site change in the car where we had no ice and she did it without.

you just have to get a psyche going.  and yes...the sils are so much simpler
and less obtrusive with bathing suits.

geneva's mom

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