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Re: [IP] blood! eek!

<< i put in a new site (in my butt again)but i'm
wondering what i should do about the bloody site... usually i leave old
sets in for an hour or so... >>


Go ahead and take out the bloody site -- if the insulin is going into a
pool of blood, it won't be absorbed anyway, so leaving it in for your usual
hour is not going to help your blood sugars. BUT!!! Be prepared with a
towel or tissues, etc. when you take out the old cannula.  If the site is
oozing that much blood, you may be in for a "gusher."  If this is the case,
don't panic -- just keep pressure on the site for about five minutes to
stop the bleeding. You will likely have a bruise and a bump.  But after the
major bleeding stops, put on a bandaid, and you'll be fine.

Good luck, and congrats on the new job!

Mary Jean

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