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[IP] Re: IV Prep

>>  IV Prep leaves a very sticky feeling....You can also use
>> to sterilize as it does have  alcohol.
>just fyi,, alcohol does NOT sterilize...it just loosens the germs and dirt
>whatever is on your skin, but do NOT consider anything "sterile" that has
>been swiped with alcohol.

This overeducated college graduate says:  Correct about the alcohol.

The sterilizing ingredient in IV Prep is the antibiotic Triclosan, which
I've noticed is also contained in some "antibacterial" detergents for

Also, to my knowledge, Skin Prep is IV Prep without Triclosan.  Not sure
about one having more tri butyl skin rubberizer than the other, but both
products contain it also.

BTW, many people believe alcohol to be a sterilizer.  I've observed people
swabbing telephone handsets with alcohol.  It would be far more effective to
spray with Lysol.


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