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[IP] blood! eek!

so, i changed my infusion set yesterday... back to my tummy, after a week
and a half of using only my butt....  it was fine... bg's are fine, but
just a bit ago i found that blood had come up around the cannula, and is
oozing out a little bit...  i put in a new site (in my butt again)but i'm
wondering what i should do about the bloody site... usually i leave old
sets in for an hour or so... but 1. i need to get dressed to go to my new
office (i got a new job!!!) so i can pick up the health insurance info,
and find out which of my options will make me and disetronic happy and
i don't want to bleed all over my nice clothes...  2.  i would like to
figure out what's going on...  

any thoughts?  advice?

(who might just rip this out before you respond, but wants to hear from
those who know what i'm talking about...)

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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