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[IP] slowww mail - off Topic

I called my ISP to complain about mail not getting through. Heard
an interesting tale:

It seems as though some *hackers* went through the entire internet system
about 1/10/00 and put a virus in many servers to not recognize mail
delivery. (This functionally-illiterate PC user is trying my best to say
this the way I was told, but I'm probably getting confused.) The technician
said my
server was one of the *attacked* and they have reset their system. BUT, we
will continue to have problems until ALL servers reset their systems.
Therefore subscribers need to complain to their servers to get them to reset
their ISNs or NSNs (??) to recognize mail from other servers.
Attempts will be made for 5 days, then the mail will return to sender.

If anyone is seeing (or *not* seeing) freaky things, this is probably the

Jan H

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