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Re: [IP] Kinky Canulas?

This is one of those things that you figure out *after* the fact :-)

It's usually obvious once you remove the old set - you might notice a sharp 
bend in the cannula, or a spot in the cannula where it all of a sudden 
takes a turn in the opposite direction from the rest of the cannula. 
Ideally, the cannula should be fairly straight when you remove it.

I just removed a cannula after a stubborn unexplained high. When I looked 
at it from the side, I noticed the cannula took a bend toward the "surface" 
of the set. I can picture the cannula under the skin, taking a rather sharp 
curve toward the skin surface, rather than continuing into the sub 
cutaneous layer, where it belongs. Insulin is not infused well in the 
dermal layer, so this explains (at least in part) why my BGs were a bit whacky.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Sammi wrote:

>Those of you who have commented on finding a kink in the canula as a source
>of trouble...how can you tell?  Is it easy to see when you look at it, or
>not?  I'm asking because I had some unexplainable highs last night & decided
>to give it until this morning to drop - if not, I'll change sets.  As I've
>crossed out various other possibilities, I thought about the "Kinky Canula
>Syndrome"...& as I've never had that happen before, I'd like to know what I
>should be looking for!  Any advice?

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