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Re: [IP] re: driving


Probably best to email me individually if you want to respond, since we're a bit off the topic of insulin pumps/diabetes!  My basic point for writing was to encourage those who have diabetic complications that they can still do lots of things.



If you'd rather be e-mailed privately on various issues, that's no problem...but Natalie's question/concern was not really off topic at all.  (This is IMO - some may disagree)  This site allows many of us here to learn about various complications/effects of diabetes & how they can affect your daily life.  Those of us who sometimes feel like we're out on our own island are especially appreciative of the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others - her concern, expressed on the list, was one that I (& possibly others) felt, too...so that posting & your response helped.  Some of us do go a bit "off topic" at times (guilty, as charged!), but usually not so far that it isn't still helpful to have shared the information...or the smile, as the case may be!

Snowed in & not pleased in Ohio  :(