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Re: [IP] Question for Pumpers who use Silhouettes

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000 email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi guys, can you please help me?  I currently use the Soft Set QR as my 
> infusion set, but I want to try the Sils.  I like the idea of having a 
> disconnect at the infusion site instead of having a tube hanging off of me, 
> no matter how small it may be!  It looks like it hurts to go in though.  I'm 
> assuming that there is a little catheter attached to it, just like the Soft 
> Set.  I'm also assuming that it gets pushed into the skin, unlike the Soft 
> Set where you can use the "shooter" (for lack of a better word, sorry) that 
> puts the needle in your skin quickly and painlessly.  Does it hurt to put the 
> Sils in?  Is it more complicated?  I really want to try it, I'm just afraid 
> of it hurting...I've had to push the Soft Sets in manually when I've 

i've been pumping since the second week in october, and i've only ever
used tender/sil/comforts...  i've never had a really painful experience,
if i start to do the insertion in one place and it seems painful, i just
move .5 inches away, and then i can hardly feel a thing....  just pick an
angle that will keep the cannula within the sub-q fat, so you don't poke
muscle....  (i did have a problem when i tried to use my hip, as long as i
didn't move it was fine, but as soon as i had to do some serious walking
the cannula bent, and my bg's were shortly in the 500's....  but i'm sure
you've had your share of problems with sets...  the tender/sil/comforts
will not eliminate problems, but i find them to be extremely comfortable,
and i agree with you, that the lack of tubing hanging off when i
disconnect is really nice....  ;)

you'll do fine, it just might take you a little while to psych yourself up
(yes, i thought that the introducer needle inside the cannula looked huge
and scary.....  now, i'm a pro!)

go for it!


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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