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Re: [IP] Question for Disetronic Users

At 9:30 AM -0800 2/3/00, Al & Mary Rebholz wrote:

>the batteries, as Kelly is on very low doses of insulin and the batteries
>last at least the average length of 3 weeks.   Has anyone else experienced

Hi Mary,

Is this an 07 system alarm? I've had this happen several times with one of
my pumps (I got this set in Jan. 99). If I take out both batteries, then
reinsert the 02 battery, wait till the  pump cycles thrpugh it's 0000 to
9999 thingie, then reinsert the 03 battery, it runs fine. I've been using
the other pump and meaning to send this one back in for some tests, but
haven't done it yet. I just switched back to this pump recently and two
nights ago this same thing happened again.

My other pump has never had this problem (nor did my previous 2 pumps).

>Can I send it regular mail, or does it have to be UPS or FedX?

Call the company first and they'll tell you who to send it to and give you
a number to put on the outside of the box so it goes to the right
person/department. Don't send it off w/o talking to them. I did this with
some supplies and they came right back to me. Also, you can send it via
U.S. mail, but you need to insure it.


(Type I, 27 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
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