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[IP] Question for Pumpers who use Silhouettes

Hi guys, can you please help me?  I currently use the Soft Set QR as my 
infusion set, but I want to try the Sils.  I like the idea of having a 
disconnect at the infusion site instead of having a tube hanging off of me, 
no matter how small it may be!  It looks like it hurts to go in though.  I'm 
assuming that there is a little catheter attached to it, just like the Soft 
Set.  I'm also assuming that it gets pushed into the skin, unlike the Soft 
Set where you can use the "shooter" (for lack of a better word, sorry) that 
puts the needle in your skin quickly and painlessly.  Does it hurt to put the 
Sils in?  Is it more complicated?  I really want to try it, I'm just afraid 
of it hurting...I've had to push the Soft Sets in manually when I've 
forgotten the "shooter" and I'm in a bind...and I HATE IT!  I really think it 
hurts that way, and half of the time the catheter gets bunched up or 
something and I have to change to a new set.  Any advice would be helpful.  
Thanks guys!  Kelly
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