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Re: [IP] IV prep - clarify

Hi all,
A question-  What companies make each?  I use Smith&Nephew Skin Prep, swabs; 
but when I started on the pump, they gave me a mall supply of IV Prep but I 
could never order it at a pharmacy because I don't know who makes it.  
Ironically (contrary to Michael's experience), I thought the IV Prep made 
the skin much stickier than the S&N Skin Prep.  Or I could be confused since 
I used the IV Prep first and was new at it all then.   So anyway, I wonder, 
is there another brand of Skin Prep that is better than what I use??

>There are two products that look almost the same.
>Skin Prep
>IV Prep
>Skin Prep provides the most barrier / buffer for the tape.
>IV Prep is primarily for sterlizaton
>We use Skin Prep since it makes things stick better than IV prep
>email @ redacted

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