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Re: [IP] Fanny pack in heat

In a message dated 02/03/2000 8:48:15 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

I can answer the heat question, being from Phoenix, but have no idea about 
the cold.  My husband and I have a pest control business and sometimes I have 
to run a route outside in the heat, usually in July/August the employees drop 
like flys when its 115-120 in the shade and I'll have to step in.  The 
insulin in my pump seems to do fine for a couple hours at a time if I can 
cool off for awhile in between exposures.  If I have to spend more time than 
that outside it seems to degrade, has been ok up to 105, but not beyond that. 
 A good solution for me has been a fanny pack with ice pack in it.  I put the 
pump itself wrapped in a washcloth or an old sock so its not next to the ice, 
and use the "blue ice" refreezable packs.  Be sure to get the tubing in the 
pack, because I think this is where the problem starts.  For example, my 42" 
tubing holds about 20 units (if I remember right).  Since I only use 35 units 
a day total it doesn't move thru the tubing very fast and can be exposed to 
heat for quite some time in the tubing, if its not being cooled.

But, Fran, another Phoenix pumper with a D pump, (mine is MM) doesn't have a 
problem in heat on long motorcycle trips, as always, YMMV.

Good luck,

<< Mini-med didn't know if being outside in 95 
 degree weather all day was bad, but suggested I wear a fanny pack 
 with an ice pack in it, and keep the pump in it all day. But I didn't 
 want the insulin next to ice either--any suggestions?  >>
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