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RE: [IP] "Automatic Off" setting on MM

As I recall from my days with the MiniMed 506, the "Auto Off Feature" will:

1)  Alarm after X hours have passed with no buttons being pressed. The time 
interval is programmed by the user.

2)  Pump will then shut off until the alarm is cleared and the pump 
returned to "run" mode.

I used this feature when I traveled overnight by myself. I'd set the "auto 
off" feature to alarm after 10 hours, for example. I figured if I did not 
wake at my normal time, due to a hypo, the pump would alarm, then shut 
itself off.

I forgot I had this feature turned on once ... I was doing overnight basal 
tests.  I hadn't bolused since dinner the previous night. No breakfast, no 
button pushing. On my way to the office, on the Thruway at 70 miles per 
hour, the "auto off" alarmed. A bit of a juggling match to get things 
settled again, but it worked as designed.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Sherry wrote:

>I don't have mine set at all.
>The reason is to alarm if you haven't bolused in X amount of hours.  People
>set it for different reasons.  One is to alarm someone around you that you
>haven't bolused in 10 hours, ie something might be wrong.  However, I don't
>think it gets loud enough to be heard through a wall.
>Some people (hard to understand this one) set it to remind them to eat.
>Somehow I don't think this will ever be a problem for me.
>However, all it does is alarm.  I don't think it sets it back to factory
>settings.  The alarm that does this usually is from a self check the pump
>does and if it finds something out of whack it stops.  When this happened to
>me the MM Rep told me it does about 1000 of these a day.  It is usually
>followed by a E-01 alarm reminding you to reset everything.

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