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Re: [IP] New In Charge Meter

I spoke with the reps from the company during a recent Diabetes conference 
in my area. The LXN In Charge meter was indeed, priced competitively, but 
everyone from LXN admitted that the strips were tricky to get.

It sounded like most insurance companies do not yet directly reimburse for 
strips for this meter. The reps stated that the strips could only be 
obtained directly from LXN, though they were actively chasing insurance 
providers. It sounded like most people purchase the strips from LXN, then 
submit a claim to their insurance provider. To me, that changes the cost of 
strips considerably. I'd need to pay a 20% co-pay for the LXN strips, 
compared to *NO* co-pay for any other strip I've used (all AccuCheck 
products, LifeScan, Bayer, Precision, etc).

This may change in time as the meter sees wider distribution, but it's 
worth noting now.

Rick wrote:

>You can actually save a lot of money on your purchase of an In Charge meter.
>The initial cost of the system is $79.95. Six GlucoProtein test strips go
>for $24.95, 50 glucose test strips and 4 GlucoProtein test strips for
>However, like most meter manufacturers (see my Web page at
>https://www.diabeteswebsite.com/shopper/monitorrebates.htm ) LXN offers a
>rebate and a trade in. The rebate is $20 and the trade in is $45, which
>would make it very inexpensive indeed.
>Rick Mendosa: A Writer on the Web: www.mendosa.com
>E-mail: email @ redacted  Phone: (831) 688-5300
>Office: 238 Coronado Drive, Aptos, CA 95003-4011

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