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[IP] To Steve-Pumping Concepts-interestingly long


My point also!  Where is the flexibility if you have to eat protein when you 
really don't want to?

I have been battling trying to get my "act" together intensely on and off six 
months.  Dealing with overcommitting "MOM" and employee issues so my control 
and "stick to my routine" comes and goes.

About six weeks ago I was talking to the RN at my doctors office.  I was 
again telling her what I thought was happening.  If finally dawned on me that 
she needed it with numbers on paper and that they don't deal well with "gut 
feelings".  We are still trying to refine basal rates and in that effort she 
was telling me to test two hours after eating and documenting and not 
treating.  (Don't take extra insulin at this point to correct a high blood 

Seems that I would treat and then they could not distinguish between the 
basal rate and my multiple boluses.  I kept telling her that it then goes 
low.  Well, I started to test 2 hours after eating and documenting then 
testing 3 hours after eating and documenting.  Well, in three days I 
documented these results and guess what, They changed my basal rates!!

I saw the dietitian today and I feel so much better. I can say that in the 
last three months I have felt real Hunger pains.  Before I was always just 
reacting and treating low blood sugars.  Now my sugar can stay stable long 
enough for me to really get Hungry!!

According to the scales, I have lost 10 lbs. (I actually have lost about 17 
since last September-when I got my blood sugars under control I gained about 
7 lbs.  So I lost this 7 plus another 10).  My carb ratios for boluses are 
now 8 carbs per unit of insulin for breakfast and lunch and 10 carbs per unit 
for supper.  I don't know what they call it but the rate of insulin I use to 
treat a high blood sugar is now much lower too.  Up until today for every 70 
mg/dl drop I wanted I took one unit of insulin.  I am now to try 95 mg/dl 
drop for one unit.  They also dropped one of my basals for a three hour 
period by . 1 unit.  I am to put this into effect tomorrow, wait until Sunday 
to take so many blood tests and do it for two or three days then fax on 

Two other thing that I have put into effect.  I never knew the idea about 
leaving the sub set in for a few hours after putting on a new one, in effect 
having one actually working and having a "tail" of the old one going nowhere. 
 Boy does this help.

I also found an announcement that there was a sleep deprivation study that 
showed a correlation to how a diabetic (in this study type 2's) with sleep 
deprivation metabolizes carbohydrates on a delayed basis.  I really think 
this is me!  I have started to get more sleep and things seem to be getting 

Anyway, I like my new '"Smaller self" and hope by summer it is even smaller.  
And many factors cause changes in your rates but they need to be documented 
because our medical advisors don't know how to treat ideas.  They treat 
numbers and information (document what you eat also) that we accumulate.

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