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[IP] Basic Pumping Concepts

Hi Everyone!

I haven't posted in a while, but have been reading all 
of the e-mails with great interest. Thanks for all of 
your information and help!

I have recently changed CDEs and am quite confused about 
some of the things that I've been told. I've been 
pumping for about 6 months, and the results were not 
what I expected - I'm still having a lot of highs and 
lows. The new CDE reviewed my records and made a few 
suggestions. She told me that instead of an "all carb" 
breakfast (white toast with butter and orange juice), 
that I should add some protein. She also told me to be 
sure that I have 3 to 4 oz of protein at lunch and at 
dinner, and to be sure that I ate every 4 hours, either 
having a meal or a snack. She claims that this will 
prevent my liver from getting depleted and will prevent 
my frequent lows.

I thought that one of the great benefits of the pump was 
that you could eat (or not eat) whatever you wanted 
whenever you wanted, as long as your basals were set 
right and you bolused for what you ate. Am I wrong about 
this assumption, or is it time to find another new CDE?

Any comments or suggestions would certainly be 
appreciated. As always, thanks for your help!

== Steve ==
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