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[IP] Built-in lancet/Checkmate plus review

>there is a meter with the lancing device incorporated.  I just saw it a
>couple weeks ago, I can't remember it's the At Last meter, or another one.

I think you may be right about the At Last having this. There are others
as well - the Checkmate Plus has the lancet incorporated. We tried this
one out since it was high on Shane's wish list. Here's our experience:
-Size: The meter itself is about the size of 2 Precision Pens
side-by-side. It has a big screen, easy to read.
-Lancet: The lancet is built in. However, it doesn't have adjustable
settings, and Shane had a hard time getting it to poke through his tough
skin. Unfortunate since this is the feature he really wanted.
-Case: The meter's plastic shell does not seem particularly rugged, and
there's no on board strip storage, so you have to carry it in a case
(Shane doesn't like that).The original plastic case apparently broke too
easily so they have started sending out a fabric case, similar to that
of other meters. Shane did not like this new case as well.
-Accuracy: He also had a hard time getting results that seemed to
compare well with either the Precision or the Profile. However, he
didn't try many times either, and this could be related to the lack of
blood he got using the lancet. It supposedly can be set to read either
plasma or whole blood.
-Computer: It has a plug and software/cable is available for about $40.
We were hopeful (based on earlier info we received) that we could use
our Profile cable and software. However, the plug is smaller than on the
Profile so we couldn't do this.
-Strips: Don't seem to be too difficult to unwrap or use. Seem to be
cheaper than many other strips out there.
-Other: You can replace batteries (unlike the Precision Pen). You can
set several alarms. This could be very useful for kids (or others) who
need to be reminded to test. Could double as a travel alarm clock too :)
Overall its probably a good meter for some people but we were
disappointed by the lancet device and the less reliable readings. It is
currently sitting in the closet unused. Perhaps we will use it for a
trade-in on something else...
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