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[IP] temp basals-hormones

Ok, for a while I thought it was me. Everyone I know seems to not fear setting increased basals when they suspect they're getting sick or their child is in another growth spurt. I have dealt witha zillion highs on the pump, and corrected a bunch but figured maybe it was my fault, maybe I should be more aggressive and use temp basals.

Things were great until Tuesday, been fighting highs out of the blue since then. I've even added exercise and cut all sweets out of my diet..no luck. Finally, this am wasn't too high, went to school, shot up higher, made a correction which only got me to about 190--and I still felt lousy. (this is much like the uti time but i doubt it's that again). SO i set a temp basal from 0.8 to 1.0 for 5 hrs. Well, after 3 hrs, I'm really,really feeling crappy.

I get home, and mind you I have to go to work in 30 minutes, I test. I did not eat lunch this am b/c I wasn't feeling well, and I 'd been 190 previously. That darn temp basal--reminded me why the hech I am so darn hesitant to using them---I'm 44! Yes, it's nice to know, Wow! look I can still have a low, but I need a happy medium. I had been given the impression temp basals were great, and my 7 month experience disagrees for now. I use them, but I don't really feel "safe" using them. I thought after 2 days of highs..diff. sets, diff. bottles all that good stuff, that it could be my period coming soon, so I set the basal figuring it couldn't hurt, in the end it would average out at less insulin than I've been doing in corrections, but I must have been wrong, that or the hormones stopped.

I'm just venting, this never gets easy and this is just a reminder of why I'm so scared to mess with anything. Highs suck but lows do too and i Would just like a medium..--I guess I can blame my hormones for that:-)

 I'm off to work


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