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[IP] hypoglycemia in non-diabetics

In response to the recent questions and discussion on the subject of 
hypoglycemia in non-diabetics, I asked our medical advisory board to 
address the issue. I received several responses that all said about 
the same thing which I will paraphrase.

Basically the laundry list of things that potentially can cause 
hypoglcemia in a person who does not have diabetes is very large. 
Almost all of these  are benign, the most common and serious 
exceptions to this are tumors which either produce excess insulin or 
consume glucose. There are other conditions in people who are not 
so healthy, such a liver disease and metabolic disorders, that can 
cause these problems, but if we confine the discussion to otherwise 
healthy individuals, these would be excluded. In the vast majority of 
cases, a visit to an endocrinologist will resolve the problem with a 
minimum of time and testing. In any case, individuals with this 
condition SHOULD see an endo to solve the problem and rule out the 
small chance that the cause could be something more serious.

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