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[IP] Re: Low blood sugar - get & keep numbers stable

>When I experience a low blood sugar I usually eat 2 glucose tabs but
that only goes so far, an hour later I will have another low ... Does
anyone need to eat a larger snack for a low? If i did then maybe it
wouldnt stay low but I feel I am defeating the purpose of a pump.

When Katie has a low (rare now that she's pumping!), we were told to give
her 1/2 cup juice or 3 glucose tabs, wait (usually holding her on my lap
'cause she feels so yucky) 10 minutes for that fast sugar to bring her
numbers back up, then let her eat a small substantial snack (like 6 of
those pb & cracker sandwiches) with a normal bolus for that snack.  The
juice or tabs will quickly bring her numbers up from a low but will not
keep them there.  The carbo/protein snack will help her *stay* at a
comfortable level and the normal bolus keeps her from overcorrecting. 
And let's face, the pump IS terrific, but it's not perfect so please do
not feel your are defeating the purpose of the pump -- you are simply
treating one of those rare lows!
God Bless,
Debbie, Mom of Katie, 9, dx'd 9/97
MiniMed pumper since 8/2/99 (youngest kid in Alaska...so far!)
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