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RE: [IP] Meter Improvements

>How about a test strip storage place integrated with the meter so we
>don't have to carry around a separate vial?

Try the Dek.  I believe it is made by Glucometer.  The test strips are
stored inside the machine in a disk of ten strips.

>How about built-in formulas for calculating boluses and mixing insulins?  

I kind of have this in my head already.  After being D for 20 years, the
numbers you use change but the formulas don't.  You look at a cup of rice
enough times it just sort of clicks.

>How about a lancing device integrated with the meter, too?
There was a guy at college who integrated his exectech pen meter with a
lancet pointing out the other end.  Tried to get a manufacturer interested
in making a more stream lined model but no one bought it. :)  You could
always velcro the device to your machine.  :)

>How about a palm pilot-like touch screen with a built-in calculator?    
Got me there!  :)

(who is at work avoiding all other email because she really doesn't want to
know what work she should be doing.  )  :)
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