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[IP] Question for Disetronic Users

Kelly's pump has been getting a System Alarm about once a week for 6 weeks.  Each
time, we change the batteries and all is well, though we don't ever get the low
battery alarm.  (We try just re-inserting the old batteries, and the alarm starts
again, so the batteries are definitely drained).  I spoke to Tech Support, who
sent me brand new batteries, hoping this would resolve the situation, but it
didn't, so I'm, sending the pump in.  It's almost like there's a short,  draining
the batteries, as Kelly is on very low doses of insulin and the batteries should
last at least the average length of 3 weeks.   Has anyone else experienced this?
Can I send it regular mail, or does it have to be UPS or FedX?

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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