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[IP] I'm Pumped!

Hello All,

I have been a lurker for several weeks now.  Your great information has been
a major factor in my decision to go on the pump.  I received my insurance authorization
(100% coverage, whew!) yesterday.  It only took a week from the time I requested
it, thanks to a great endo and MM rep. and a very cooperative insurance company.
 My MM508 will be delivered on Monday.  Then, I have training Wednesday and
go live on Friday!  Going live will consist of two hour session in endo's office
with CDE who is a pumper himself - no saline, no hospital stay.  After reading
posts detailing frustrations in acquiring pump therapy, I feel very fortunate
that everything just sort of fell into place for me.

BTW, gestational D 1981 and 1983, T2 1985, T1 1989 (I know, type Weird).  I'm
very well controlled (A1c 5.4) on MDI using R/N and carb counting.  I have moderate
polyneuropathy in legs and feet.  My pump goal is more flexibility in my schedule
(mom of three busy non-D teen boys and work full-time as a Software Engineer)
and better control of nightime lows/dawn phenomenon.

Again, thanks for all the support!

Shelly Fast
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