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Re: [IP] Re: IV Prep


I have wore my pump for 12 years and never found any trouble in hot weather 
except as you said before the IVPreps it would come popping out.   As far as 
heat I keep my set in for a week and refill about half way through the 
weekly.  Sometimes in real hot temps I might find it requiring more of a 
bolus.  If I find a problem I would just change and get fresh insulin.  The 
idea with the fanny pack would probably be practical.  If the pump were in 
its case and maybe not placed right against the ice  I think it might fly.  
Try wrapping the ice thing in a small towel.
That would add protection but not hinder the coolness expected.  

As for cold weather can't help as I try never to be out in it for extended 
periods of time.  However, the times that I have been I've never had a 
problem.  The warmth of you body will insulate I would think.

Hope this helps a little.  Good lick.
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