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[IP] Re: IV Prep

I use IV Prep every time I change my set, and I love it. I'm not sure 
why Minimed didn't tell me about it from the start. I had lots of itching 
and skin infections at my sites from the beginning (Dec. '98). As an 
archaeologist, I work outside a lot, and the itching and skin infections 
got a lot worse in the humid summer months, plus the tape wouldn't 
stay on, and my set would come off. I called Mini-med, and they sent 
me IV Prep. It creates a sterile thin barrier between your skin and the 
set. Because it is sterile, it cuts down on infections. Because it is a 
barrier, it cuts down on the tape coming off, and also on infections. I 
generally wash my hands with Phisoderm, wash my site with 
Phisoderm, let it dry, swab with alcohol, let it dry, swab with IV Prep, 
let it dry, then put the set in. I've had no problems since using this 
product. Mini-med sells a box of 100 (I think) for around $8-12. My 
insurance reimburses 80% after I meet my deductible. 

BTW, does anyone have good ideas on carrying insulin with you 
during extreme temps? As I said, I work outside all year long, and get 
worried about the insulin (which I can keep in a cooler) but also about 
the insulin in my pump. Mini-med didn't know if being outside in 95 
degree weather all day was bad, but suggested I wear a fanny pack 
with an ice pack in it, and keep the pump in it all day. But I didn't 
want the insulin next to ice either--any suggestions? How about cold 
temps? I'm scheduled to do a dig in Luray, VA next week, and will be 
outside all day every day. I figure the padding from multiple layers in 
the winter keeps it ok, but I'm not sure. 

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