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Re: [IP] Insulin Recall


    Well, I have been having OKAY numbers for the past 4 weeks since being
on the pump. Before the pump, I was HIGH and LOW. I ranged anywhere from 15
to 350. it was very hard to handle.

    Now on the pump, I have a high here and there and maybe a low, but that
is just ME learning how to bolus correctly or NOT eating and my basal is too

    I heard about the Insulin recall from you guys and did the typical "Oh
I'm glad its not me" syndrome. Well, I am still NOT sure if this is what
happened or not. But for the past 6 days I have been REALLY high! I hated
it, I felt awful, but I kept on trying. I changed out my site a few times
thinking it was that!!

    Well, idiot me let this go on with blood sugar ranging from 200 to 400
for a few days. Sometimes I would drop to 180. Finally, I woke up at 4AM and
checked my blood and it was 372 and I cried. I had just had it. So I was on
the floor in another room trying to be quiet and I noticed I didn't have
enough insulin in my Humalog bottle. At that moment I remembered what the
thread here had been saying, so I threw the bottle out and I got a new one.
I have NO clue if this is what happened, but ever since that early morning I
have had blood sugars back to my normal. I woke up with a 120 that morning
at 7 AM and have been ranging between 70 and 180, my normal!

    Well, it has been an awful few days and I feel for you guys who went
through it as well, IF that its what happened to me.

Claudia (Juvenile Diabetic for 15 years and Pumping 4 weeks and ONE day!)

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