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[IP] Sore Butt site on 2nd try- legs next?

I got some samples of 8mm rapids from my rep the other day. I was hoping 
they would be easier to insert in a butt site. The first one I tried was 
great but numbers started to rise towards the end of 48 hours.
I did a change and switched to the other side in approx. the same place. It 
was O.K. for the first 4 hours then started to get sore. I have left it in 
because my numbers are good but it isn't very comfortable. I think that I 
will try using the comforts next time and WOW!, hubby has volunteered to 
help me! I just need to 'train' him first using front abdomen sites. He is 
always very supportive but has not had to do much hands on stuff now that I 
am not having all those hypos at night (3 cheers for the pump!!).
I would also like to try my upper legs...any suggestions about which set 
might work best there? I am fairly lean, but do have some fat there. Maybe 
the comfort with a smaller angle...say 20 degrees?
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