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Re: [IP] Why is less insulin better??

I too have this notion that less insulin is better, and can tell I'm
better in control by my daily insulin totals.  I like to see basal and
bolus about equal on the day.  One reason why less insulin is better is
because it suggests that you're not treating highs, which can suck up a
lot of extra insulin (more than you would bolus for the amount of food to
bring you up that high, due to insulin resistance at high bg's)... can't
think of any other reasons why less insulin is better.. anyone care to
help substantiate this?

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Susan K wrote:

> I always understood that less insulin is better because you
> tend to "feed" your insulin making it harder to lose weight
> or maintain a proper weight.  Is this right or am I way off
> base?  Maybe it is YMMV.
> Please comment.  :^)

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