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re: [IP] low sugars

Why disconnect?  The basal insulin being pumped at the time of the low is
not going to be peaking for 2 hours, at which time sugars are usually back
to normally, even above normal.. and that's when you need the insulin!
I know someone who even ups her basal rate right after a low, accounting
for the counterregulatory response of the body to a low blood glucose.

Eating a larger snack sounds like the solution to me, and it doesn't
defeat the purpose of a pump.  Eating snacks every day at a certain time
as if one were on NPH defeats the purpose of a pump.  But what you're
doing is treating a low, and that you have to do, pump or no pump.

> Here's the advice I've been given for lows:
> If blood glucose is less than 60, disconnect or suspend the pump, and treat
> by the "rule of 15" (15 grams of CHO, wait 15 minutes and retest, repeat as
> needed to get back up to 100).

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