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[IP] IP] Butt sites

>  > > Lily just twists around and pokes it in??? I think it would be easier 
>  >  >sit in front of a full length mirror, but whaddo I know?? :-)
>  >
>  > I think it works better when you're younger and more limber. Those of us
>  > who haven't seen our toes for many years, while standing on both feet,
>  > can't twist around like that anymore. :-)
>  >
>  And then those of us of the female persuasion have an extra set of
>  appendages to block the view. ;)

another bad thing about pump therapy...when i started pumping and lost 
weight, my stomach didnt stick out so far and i lost visual access to alot of 
prime real estate...sigh.  as for butt sites, i am not that young, but i can 
almost do the exorcist thing where I spin around to face 
backwards....sometimes on stiff mornings, I just poke and hope for the 

*-)=B xoxx~~~~~[507]
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