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[IP] never thought I'd be thankful for lows :)

     Hi everyone, I am so thrilled!!! Hehe, ok I know that I *shouldn't* be 
thrilled about my bg plummeting to a 46 this afternoon, but I'm glad to see 
things on the low rather than high side for the first time in 3 weeks.  So . 
. .I have actually been having OK numbers for the last three days or so, but 
I was running a temp basal of 2.0 units per hour!!!! strange.  This morning 
I woke up at 113 and was 81 after first period, so I lowered the basal to 
1.5 but at lunch I was 178 so I changed it back, when I tested after lunch I 
was 134. awesome.
     But then when I was at the bank I started feeling shaky, tested and was 
46!! Had the basal at 1.0 after that but was 213 before dinner (rebound 
maybe?) anyway I put the basal back at 1.5 and corrected with 2 units, then 
45 minutes later I was only 98.  So . . .I had to eat since I already took 
the bolus, but that was 4 hours ago and my basal is 1.0 again, test at 88 
two hours later, and just tested at 91 now!!  Woohoo! I guess my point is 
that whatever it was might finally be calming down (knock on wood) because I 
keep having to lower my basal to keep from going low.
     Btw, I am trying a site in my thigh with a micro.  So far, I really 
like it, which is awesome because that gives me about 6 more rotating sites 
to use. Thanks to all for the suggestions on that.
Here's hoping the craziness is subsiding.  -Gianna
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