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[IP] Re: blocked site or ??? No alarm-What is going on???

Hi Lori,
Thanks so much for your response to my query.  That was a good idea re; the self
test.  I never would have thought of that myself.  I ran one right away but
everything checked out ok. It definitely wasn't the insulin bottle as I changed
the site with the same cartridge that was there before.  And now my bgs are just
fine.  I'm still puzzling over it.  But really appreciate your help.  Thanks
again.  Marilyn
Lori A. Willey wrote:

> Hi Marilyn,
> I am wondering if it could be the bottle of insulin itself?  I have gotten a
> few dead bottles, not expired or anything, just flat out dead.  If you have
> another bottle, try changing your cartridge and see if it helps?  Have you
> run a test on your pump to see if all is functioning well, if you have the
> MM, its the selftest in the setup bar.??  I hope this helps some.
> Good luck,
> Lori
> Lori A. Willey
> President/CEO
> First Express Inc.
> 814-336-6106
> www.minidish.net
> email @ redacted

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